Steven Ehrlich, FAIA, Principal, Ehrlich Architects, Los Angeles

"Bradley is an excellent architectural photographer and writer: professional, creative, and detailed. His work provided us with stunning accuracy, truly giving light to the design and passion behind the project."

David Montalba, AIA, Founding Principal, Montalba Architects, Santa Monica

"Our first magazine cover was of Bradley's photograph. The combination of his writing about and photographing the Villaraigosa Pavilion (Tom Bradley International Terminal, Los Angeles International Airport) was a real plus. It's unusual to get that kind of consistent, holistic view of our work—when the images and narrative express our goals together."

Hagy Belzberg FAIA, OAA, Principal, Belzberg Architects, Los Angeles

"I am always moved by Bradley Wheeler's poignant articles. His extensive knowledge of historical and contemporary architecture have proved essential in delivering articulate and engaging stories of current buildings and spaces. His description of our work provided insight to conditions and experiences which we have not been able to express ourselves. A true journalist and exceptional writer."

Linda Pollari, Principal, PXS, Los Angeles

"Bradley photographed our ‘off-use' project two different times, three years apart, and captured unique views of the project each time. The project has both won awards and been published through Bradley's photography, including being featured in the California HOME+DESIGN centerfold. 'Off-use' is my own office and home, so I was able to watch Bradley at work. Bradley is dedicated to his craft, has a keen eye and is a pleasure to spend time with!"

Joe Day, Principal, Deegan Day Design, Silver Lake, California

"Bradley Wheeler's photography and commentary made the decisive difference in the documentation and publication of our most extensive residential work. Bradley made great decisions about how, what and when to shoot and was tireless about getting the best images possible. He's a pleasure to work with."

John F. Kane AIA, Principal, Architekton, Phoenix

"Bradley Wheeler has a wonderful way of writing about contemporary architecture that is accessible to architects and non-architects alike. His photography syncs with his writing and helps convey our projects in a clearly understandable and passionate way. His ability to provide us international exposure has added a new dimension to our reputation."

W. I. Van Campen, AIA, Principal, Van Campen Architects, New York City

"Bradley Wheeler possesses the benefit of writing articles about the modern architecture he photographs. The quality images he took for us precisely communicate the design intent. His article guides the reader through the project and successfully highlights important aspects helpful in evaluating our work."

Ronald Reeves, Director of IT and Production Services, Columbia College Hollywood, School of Film, Television, Liberal Arts, Los Angeles

"Bradley Wheeler has photographed our campus on several occasions for different publications over the past 3 years. Bradley brings a fresh perspective and insight to our campus with every shoot. His intuition and innate ability to understand what we are looking for and get the pictures we need makes working with him extremely enjoyable. I could not be happier with his work."

R. Larry Medlin, Architect & Lightweight Structures Design Consultant, Tucson

"Bradley Wheeler, is a discerning and passionate admirer of world class contemporary architecture. He combines an insightful eye and mind with extraordinary photographic and writing skills. Using his unique combination of talents, his articles invariably communicate the most meaningful qualities and accomplishments of a project, as well as, capturing especially informative and compelling images. It is a stimulating and rewarding experience to work with Brad."

David Tyda, Editor, Desert Living Magazine, Phoenix

"Finding someone who can photograph architecture and write about it in the same stroke is a rarity. Bradley Wheeler is one of these people. His first-person accounts of capturing architecture gives his pieces a humanistic angle that makes the projects come alive in print (great images helped too)."

Walker Li, Chief Editor, Chinese & Overseas Architecture, Shanghai

"Mr. Bradley Wheeler is one of the most important editors outside China for our magazine, and a very enthusiastic advisor for us. He has sent us a lot of marvelous projects, and many of his photographs are used as covers! His work is really helpful, I appreciate sincerely!"

Kelley Cheng, Editor / Ish + Editorial Director/Page One Publishing, Singapore

"Bradley Wheeler is certainly one of my favorite contributors – he has a good eye in photography and always makes sure that the images he provides are of the best quality for publishing and print. He takes time to understand our magazine, and the architectural projects he selects are always appropriate for the magazine so it is good because I never have to turn him down! Most importantly, Bradley always makes it a point to take his deadlines seriously and he is always on time, which is something every editor values."

Fernando Diez, Director Editorial, Summa+ / Barzón, Buenos Aires

"When we receive material for publishing in Summa+, I am delighted by the quality. The photographs are really good, catching the often difficult light, and revealing the quality of surface. Bradley Wheeler confirms his good eye selecting quality work and his talent as critic, conveying complex situations of context and climate in which the projects are developed. It is not that common for us, as editors, to receive such a complete collaboration, both written and photographic."

Dan Andrews, President, Horizon General Contractors, Inc., Los Angeles

"Bradley Wheeler took terrific photographs of one of our modern design projects. Modern architectural style is subtle and subdued, and bringing out the beauty takes a sensitive and experienced eye. Bradley has done it for us and we applaud his efforts."

Tim Blonkvist FAIA, Founding Partner, Overland Partners, San Antonio

"Bradley Wheeler has been an unique and extraordinary resource to our firm specifically and to the profession of architecture as a whole. His background in architecture mixed with his skill as a photographer and writer separate him from others in his field. He writes from an in depth understanding of the underlying concept and guiding principals of design and presents an in depth article that not only appeals to the professional but layman as well. His ability through his work and relationships to unlock potential opportunities for Overland around the world in Asia, Europe and Latin America have proven invaluable. The timing of his most recent article on Overland in the Design Diffusion News magazine in Italy during the world Expo in Milan was extremely helpful in reaching a broad yet targeted market at an opportune time. He is always thinking about the Bigger Picture."

Julie Smith-Clementi, Principal Architect, Partner, Rios Clementi Hale Studios, Los Angeles

"We've been very fortunate to have Bradley write about our architecture and landscape projects. He's helped give our work great international exposure. We're looking forward to continuing the collaboration."

Chris Carson, FAIA, Principal, Ford Powell & Carson Architects and Planners, San Antonio

“Bradley, It's been a delight to work with you. We had no idea that so shortly after meeting you we'd be published in not one, but two prestigious Italian architecture and design journals. Both of them were on our lobby coffee table when the Board of the Chinati Foundation walked in along with artist Robert Irwin with whom we are doing a new project. This is the kind of design credibility that is helping us reinvigorate our 75 year history as leading designers in the Southwest. I certainly didn't expect the bonus of a trip to Milan for the International Design Exposition, sponsored by the magazines. I expect to learn a great deal there. We look forward to continuing to know you and to work with you on future publications.””

Patricia Patkau, Principal, Patkau Architects, Vancouver, British Columbia

"Bradley: I wanted to write you and let you know how much we have appreciated your work in regard to the publication of our projects. Your contacts internationally have allowed us access to a diverse selection of magazines and worldwide venues. Such international exposure in a variety of fine magazines from diverse countries has been terrific. We have particularly appreciated the exposure in Asia where we had not previously made contacts. Needless to say this has been very helpful to the practice. We wanted to thank you again for all your hard work in this regard."

Julie D. Taylor, Hon. AIA/LA, Principal, Taylor & Company Public Relations, Los Angeles

"Several of my clients have enjoyed the benefits of being the subject of Bradley's articles. He understands the buildings and the architects' motivations and relays them to the reader with intelligent—and poetic—prose."

Julie Snow, FAIA, Principal, Julie Snow Architects, Minneapolis

"Bradley Wheeler has written very articulate and evocative articles on several of our projects. His powerful insights in to our work have found unique opportunities for publication. We are very impressed with Bradley's skill in bringing our buildings to life in text."

Paul Zajfen, FAIA, RIBA, Principal, CO Architects, Los Angeles

"We were pleased that Bradley Wheeler took an interest in a number of CO Architects' projects. With his architecture background, he brings a keen eye and sensitivity to his project analyses. It's great to have someone write about our work who really knows what it takes to design and build."

Jack Black, AIA, LEED AP BD+C, Principal, Ayers Saint Gross, Phoenix

"Bradley Wheeler's architectural background allows him to interpret and convey architectural design intent in a narrative manner that makes the building more relatable to all audiences interested in design. He can successfully capture the big ideas, as well as identify high level detailing and technical strategies. His presentation technique is enlightening and balanced because his understanding successfully spans these broad topics and their impact on the final design."

Michael B. Lehrer, FAIA, Principal, Lehrer Architects, Silver Lake, California

"Bradley Wheeler's voice as an architectural writer is both articulate and spot on. He is, at once, comprehensive and succinct. He nails essences and details. He places projects--precisely and engagingly--in their historical, geographic, stylistic, and human context. He knows architecture. When reading his descriptions of our work, I am amazed and pleased that he--or anyone--so gets it. He is a rare and valuable writer."

Ray H. Dovell, AIA, Principal, Platt Byard Dovell White Architects, New York City

"Bradley Wheeler has written two very insightful articles for us. He goes the extra mile to ensure that the perspectives of everyone involved in our buildings, both designers and clients, are included, then he translates them into a story that is accessible and enjoyable to audiences both here and abroad.

David Kranz, AIA, LEED AP, Design Principal, SmithGroup, Phoenix

"Bradley Wheeler took a few quality images and a very technical, to-the-point architectural description for SmithGroup's U.S. Arid-Land Agricultural Research Center project and crafted a truly superb article and layout for the Italian magazine OFARCH. SmithGroup Inc., ranking as the nation's 7th largest architecture and engineering firm with offices in ten U.S. cities, is extremely proud of this award winning project and was anxious to share it with other designers and architecture aficionados around the world. As the project's designer, I felt Brad did an excellent job of communicating the soul of the project though an articulate exploration of the challenges faced and overcome in a 5 year long design and construction process."

Roger Hirsch, AIA, Principal, Roger Hirsch Architect, New York City

"Bradley has the rare ability to grasp an architect's ideas and to convey that in his writing, while simultaneously managing to portray the clients who actually inhabit these spaces; he is able to see architecture and design from both points of view. He also knows how to make sure that his creative vision for a story becomes reality, by achieving articles that are beautifully presented within prestigious international publications."

Teresa Rosano, AIA, Principal, Ibarra Rosano Design Architects, Tucson

"Bradley's writing style has been very compatible with our work. He has been able to capture and communicate the subtleties of our architecture to the readers of various international magazines, with an understanding of the important aspects of siting, environmental sensitivity and precise programming we employ in our designs. We have benefited from the exposure he has provided us, and always look forward to working with him."

Tad Tsukamoto, AIA, Principal, Intrinsik Architecture Inc., Bozeman, Montana

"Bradley: Thank you for all your efforts in seeing our work published internationally. Your architectural knowledge and writing skills truly captured the spirit of our work and effectively translated that to new audiences. Your enthusiasm, creativity and professionalism are noteworthy and I look forward to working with you again."

Edward Suzuki Architect, Principal, Edward Suzuki Associates, Tokyo

"Bradley's articles are insightful and always speak to our potential client base. Here in Japan, we are using his Italian articles as marketing tools to promote our work. He has consistently written to our great satisfaction. He is able to give us international exposure with a subtle sense of humor."

Sallie Trout, Artist/Designer, Trout Studios, Dripping Springs, Texas

"Bradley: I wanted to send you a note of thanks. I saw the article you wrote about this house in Design Diffusion News in Italy and am thrilled. It is extremely well written and manages to give a pitch perfect voice to the efforts in designing and building the space. The sense of whimsey is articulated with equal deference to the utility and environmental aspects of the project. It is a tremendous boon to be able to have the work shown in Italy; a direct result of your efforts. Tante mille grazie / Many thanks"

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