Bradley Wheeler is an internationally published architectural photographer and writer based in Los Angeles. He is the U.S. Architectural Editor of OFARCH (Milan), DDN (Milan), DHD (Milan), D Lux (Milan), architektur.aktuell (Vienna), Architecture & Arts - A+A - Architectural Society of China and a frequent contributor to other publications in Europe, South America, and Asia. His photography and writing have been the featured cover articles of publications around the world. Harnessing his network of international magazines, many of his clients have gained a global audience of more than 100,000 readers.

The idea for CoolNewProjects.com was born while Bradley Wheeler was visiting his Italian architectural publishers. During separate meetings with different magazines, one theme kept recurring—"Simplify and streamline the process of proposing, reviewing and green-lighting projects via an editor-friendly web space." The concept got legs and morphed from a private editors’-only password-based website to a more public one when various international magazines realized that their readers would like additional project information at a smart phone's reach.

Wheeler’s career started in Architecture. After working for Los Angeles modernist champion, Dworsky Associates, he worked seven years in northern Italian studios for architects Lorenzo Ferretti Garsi, Desolina Mori, Silvio Bernardi and Francesco Coppola. Upon returning to the U.S. via New York City, he worked for Wilvan Van Campen and then as Director of Marketing and Public Relations for Robert Gray Architects.

He holds a Bachelor of Architecture degree from the University of Arizona and a Master of Architecture from Syracuse University.


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